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Luxury Home Building

Creating a luxury home takes a builder with a vision. One with focus, attention to detail, and the experience to bring that vision into fruition.  Whether it’s new construction or a renovation, Loupin delivers this and more.  Every project includes a detailed budget, construction timeline, regular team meetings, design oversight and open communication.

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New Construction

The team at Loupin Construction understands the excitement and yes, sometimes stress, that come with building a new home. Every person on Loupin’s team has the experience needed to move a project forward with efficiency and finesse, and will serve as your partner, ensuring that the house becomes the home you envisioned. With Loupin, you get more than just a builder. You get a trusted advisor you can talk to, brainstorm with and trust to turn your dream into your dream home.

Large Scale Renovations

Renovating an existing home is no small task, and Loupin and its team of experts understands the ins and outs of transforming your house into the home of your dreams. We always start with a budget and detailed plans that we share throughout the entire process.

large-scale residential renovations

Our Testimonials

  • Stephen successfully brought the project to completion on schedule, despite unforeseen delays at the beginning. He worked effortlessly to provide status updates to the project team on a weekly basis, therefore keeping his subcontractors properly managed. He also worked diligently to keep the budget in line by coordinating any deficiencies or additions made to the contract. Together, these items made the entire project run smoothly and efficiently.

    G.T., VP of International Industrial Developer
  • Our appreciation for Steve was cemented when he was able to work within our scheduling parameters. We continued to have 1,000 kids in school on the same campus as the construction, and Steve was able to work his crews around our traffic, our classes, our holidays and doubled his efforts to accomplish critical areas throughout the summer weeks. We would highly recommend Steve Loupin and hope that he is available to be our project manager when we are ready to build again.

    A.M., Private School Owner’s Representative
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Loupin on two private school projects located in Lakeland, Florida, totaling approximately $26 million dollars. Steve was the contractor's project manager for both projects and possessed the leadership and management skills needed to get both jobs completed on time and with high quality workmanship. Steve is a consummate professional who brought a sense of commitment and passion to each project.

    J.K., Architect
  • Detailed construction schedules were provided and adhered to on a regular basis. Mr. Loupin worked closely with the St. Paul Lutheran Church staff as well as with the architect and local permitting authorities which enabled the project to proceed on schedule and without interruption. Any potentially contentious issues were rectified in a timely manner with minimal additional cost. I would certainly recommend the services of Mr. Steve Loupin without hesitation to anyone contemplating a project of this magnitude and we would defmitely welcome him back for any future projects.

    D.M., Private School/Church Owner’s Representative
  • Over the last 4 years, we have been clients of Loupin Construction (“LC”) on three major projects: two new homes and one extensive residential renovation. We have had extensive contact with LC, its owners (Amy and Steve) and their employees. In each case, LC acted ethically and with complete integrity. Building one’s home is a deeply personal and emotional matter involving many decisions and large amounts of money. In each project, there were countless (daily) instances where LC’s business morals were exhibited. Amy, Steve and all of LC came through every time!

    L.L., Client
  • I met with Loupin Construction when they first started their Company. I began working with Loupin on a large commercial renovation project. I was pleasantly surprised at the commitment they showed to the Project Owner, Architect and Design Team. Their philosophy demonstrated was one to steward the project as if it was Loupin’s project – looking after the Quality, Schedule and Budget, to ensure a successful project. Since then, I have referred Loupin to many clients, and our relationship has grown into larger, more complex projects. Loupin’s philosophy is one in which to make our community better, one project at a time.

    S.D., Architect